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Concerts are an excellent way to raise money for your community, church or  organisation. After you've set your goal and gotten some volunteers together to help you with you cause, you'll need (at the least) the following for an event that works:

·         A space capable of holding a large number of people comfortably, preferably also having a stage.
·         A band or sound equipment
·         Some advertising to attract a large number of people.
·         Sell and Allocate tickets

Concert Space
Many churches have large halls or spaces capable of comfortably seating many people, which is a great option when appropriate. For those that don't, consider renting out a large meeting hall, or community facility.

Churches can also affiliate themselves with local community or private interest needs especially if raising funds for particular causes that will benefit the wider community. If your church is working toward a goal like building a youth centre or helping the homeless, this type of networking is a valuable thought to keep in mind.

Attracting People
Advertising and word of mouth are the ideal ways to let people know that your event is coming up. Beginning about a month or so in advance, print up or photocopy fliers with all the relevant information people will need (what your event is, who it's for, where and when it will be, what the purpose is, etc.) and begin to post them in local community centres, libraries, performing halls, and anywhere else that you think your intended audience might see them. Strongly consider including a small map on your flier, as well, as this will help to attract more people.

Additionally, you can also  your local newspapers in order to have your event advertised in the community calendar, and make telephone calls to area radio stations to see whether you can arrange for public service announcements (PSA's) to be played in the days and weeks leading up to your concert.

If you are designing your tickets to print, try to keep them simple.  Include the specific information people will need to get to your show, the price of the ticket, and your church's logo. Tickets can be sold the night of the show, of course, but also consider a pre-sale ticket drive, possibly at a slightly reduced rate. Distribute tickets to your congregation or community a few weeks before the concert and have them sell them to family, friends, classmates, and co-workers.

Personalised  invitations to members of the local community is worthwhile, especially to those who you think might enjoy themselves and be willing to help a good cause. These are great ways to help ensure a strong turnout on the night of the performance.

A fund raising concert can be a great way to help you  raise money for a book launch, building programme, missions ministry, retirement home and any private or community social needs. With a bit of careful planning and some advertising, your event has the potential to be a wonderful success, and something that people in your church and community will look forward to, and can be repeated year after year if you wish.


The Jazz Light format can additionally be used for raising funds and can be adapted to  all aspects of  church fundraising as well  as Community Charitable Events, Book Launches, and Social Organisations. Michael is an experienced and successful fund raiser and has for many years been called upon to assist in raising much needed finance for various community and church projects.

Phil 2:4-5 "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus,"

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